Which way did it go?

Which way did it go???

Well I have had a monie moment two nights in a row...(See "The Red Shoe") Both happen at the church.... BUT..... I will let you laugh... then I need your opinions... lol I had Pai today and since her Mom is working late and her Dad had choir practice and so did Joshua.... so I just took Pai with us to the church. She was a sleep and woke up about the time choir practice was over......she had wallowed all over her hair and so I said... Let me fix your hair back out of your eyes....... I pulled the rubber band that was in her hair out.... you know how they wad up? Well this one was and I was trying to pull it open to re use it..... I held her hair with one hand and the pony tail in my mouth between my teeth trying to pull it open..... about that time Cliff came back to where we were and of course she wanted him... lol so I started to say, 'hang on Pai and let me finish your hair' but when I started to say that I inhaled... LOL and the pony tail/rubber band snapped back into my throat.... OR windpipe.... I thought it was in my throat... kept coughing trying to pull it up, LOL ..... but nothing... I could feel it... and still can... but now it feels lower.... and feels more like it is in my wind pipe area than my throat or the area that would go down and take care of itself! LOL my lung area is a little uncomfortable feeling...... almost a little pain.... I just can't imagine having to go to the ER for this... but then again... after recently reading about a lady who did the same thing with a little pin and it was in her lung... I just wonder should I..... ??


  • Shelly Kosmos Yes go!!
  • Monica French  I was afraid of that.... 
    Jeanie Litteken Houseknecht Definitely need to go get it checked out
    Monica French Even if it's tiny? Its a small rubber band....
  • Judy Cumbie Shiver O.k., I thought I was the only Lucile Ball in the area. We would be dangerous together.
  • Monica French Lordy..... I just really do not have time for this....
  • Monica French Okay.... I am heading that way now.... I just CAN NOT believe this is what I would wind up in the ER for!!! LOL
    Jeanie Litteken Houseknecht Please update us later..
  • Ashlee Maddox Bechtold Yes you need to go
  • Ashlee Maddox Bechtold Keep us updated
  • Josie Story Yes you need to go & get it checked out. I think I hear another Monie Moment at the ER calling - lol.
  • Skyler Register I agree. Please let us know what they say : (
  • Cassie Hollon Goodson They may start reserving you a bed! Please keep us posted! Hope all come out (or up) well!
  • Angie Little Only you Monica French LOL. Keep us posted
  • Kimberly Bass Padgett Oh my! Yes, go and keep us posted!
  • Cindy Whittle Rundles Said a little prayer...
  • Dorothy Stafford If you keep this up I am going to out live you and that is something I do not want. Please try to be more careful. I know it will be hard but work on it.
    Monica French This girl at desk wanted to know if I swallowed it? I said ... No, I inhaled it lol there is a difference lol
  • Phyllis Frye Alford Girl! Are you feeling all right?
  • Dana French Dees So I am in daily danger of asthma attacks bc of you my wonderful sil, I love you but you are gonna send me to the ER in need of some oxygen. I hope you are ok, we need our monie moments!
    Monica French I feel okay.... Just a wee bit of discomfort with breathing.... Vary vague but there... Feel what is almost pain In my chest to my right.... Discomfort ... Tad burn maybe in my right lung area.... But could be esophagus
    Monica French Lol.... Sorry Dana.... I still can't believe the "moments" that I have.....
  • Tonie Goodin I'm totally amazed!!! How on God's green earth!! The timing of u having it in your mouth & him walking by... Yep it's the man's fault!! ... Hehehe! At least I'm not the only one waiting for an accident to happen ! Lol lol. Sometimes I feel like I can't walk and chew bubblegum at the same time!!!
  • Monica French Lol well I wasn't trying to blame Cliff lol I do stupid all by myself lol
  • Karen King Go to the ER!!!!! Gotta get that thing out ! 
    On a funny note, I thought of you and laughed to myself today when I flushed the toilet with my shoe at work today...... And after I did it, I thought...... Dear God, please don't let my shoe fall off a bout right now like Monica's did! Lol
    So now if that didn't make you laugh or cough that thing up....... Head to the ER!!!! 
    We're praying, keep us posted!
  • Sondra Conditt Stubblefield Hope you are ok!
  • Monica French I walked in looking perfectly fine.... There was a women who looked like she was in bad shape in a wheel chair.... A guy with a gash above his eye brow.... A women holding her stomach and moaning .... And I walk in and tell them what I did.... They come and get me ASAP lol ahead of all them poor people lol I felt so bad..... Lol they said the circumstance required immediate attention lol I know now..... No matter what I wrong with me... I'll say I am having problems with such and such AND I inhaled a rubber band.... ALWAYS end it with a swallowed rubber band.....they will see you emediatly!! LOL
  • Pat Murphy Sager It must have happened the instant I walked out the door because last thing I saw was Cliff reaching for her. Go to ER but can't blame you for not wanting to.
  • Margaret Fuller Sims Hope u r feeling better u should write a book about the things that happen to you real funny and clean you can find funny books but not very many with clean fun "Laughter for the Soul"
  • Monica French It did Pat.... You were just leaving the pew when it happen
  • Barbara R Parmer Lord have mercy on this poor woman!! LOL
  • Angelean Dozier I sure hope this doesnt cause you some serious issues !!
  • Tonie Goodin I meant the timing! Lol. And you should know by now it's always the mans fault!! Lol. Jk
  • Candace Maxwell Monica French. O-M-G.
  • Candace Maxwell I always think of you when I smell a funny smell at church. Long story we won't share! LOLOL! But I sure like having a plan to get back in the ER quicker! Thanks!
  • Karen King Yep, anything that would obstruct your airway, chest pain or bleeding uncontrollably will get you back ASAP!
  • Monica French This young guy with gash on his head said while holding a bloody towel on his head .... "Wow, you just got here!" Lol I said, "yeah, I have special circumstance....... I'm sorry" lol
  • Karen King Yeah, you can put pressure on a laceration, but you have to get checked out to make sure your airway isn't obstructed. And he's probably not that bad it just looks bad. There may be a small laceration under that blood filled towel. 
  • Karen King I'm sure he'll be back there soon though! No worries girl! 
  • Monica French Well the whole ER is looking for Pais rubber band! Lol gathered around the X-ray lol
  • Angelean Dozier lol lol oh my...well seriously , so glad you went on to the ER !! did they see it yet ?
  • Karen King Hopefully they see it unless it's already passed through the safety area then you'll see it in a few days....... But I don't think she'll want to use it in her hair again! Lol
  • Angelean Dozier I know its not funny but I can't keep this smile off my face while breathing a serious prayer for you girl !! ur a danger to thyself !! :0))
  • Monica French Idk.... Were always in need of them.... They break easily.... I might have to save it lol
    Karen King Ditto here too Angelean!
  • Monica French It's a full moon! That's it .... 
  • Angelean Dozier oh my........just too funny...n scary !!
  • Karen King Na....... Only if your acting a fool in there, hollar ing and screaming and running in & out of your room like a mad crazy woman! Lol
  • Karen King Ahhhh....... Thanks for the moon picture. Haven't seen one of those since I got here! It's daylight 24/7! Lol
  • Karen King Just thought ...... Guess that's why no crazy peeps come to our ER...... There's no FULL moon! We good up here! Lol
  • Monica French All is well.... They did X-ray and a ct scan and didn't find a rubber band..... So we will have a to wait a day or so to find it I guess lol I fished my shoe out of toilet last night.... But I will not be fishing for a rubber band lol
    Barbara Denise Broxton Smith Hahahaha....maybe your WONDERFUL husband would "fish" for the rubberband.....HA HA HA ....just kidding !!!! Glad you are OKAY though !
  • Karen King Thankfully it had already passed through the danger zone and well on its way out the door. It'll be back around in a few days. Keep looking and let us know now that you have our attention! Lol. 

    Keep safe my friend! Love ya! ..........and thanks for my after work entertainment tonight.
  • Marion Jo Glad things worked out,,,er,,,,,I mean down for ya! Lol
  • Monica French No fishing going on..... But my curiosity will keep me ALERT and "looking" I hope no one tells Pastor Shearer on me! No sooner did he say NOT to be posting every time you go to the bathroom...here I have done so twice in the 24 hours since he said it LOL And not only that.... I'm going to have "friends" ASKING if I have!!!! LOL LOL LOL
    Barbara Denise Broxton Smith NO WAY can this happen and the pastor NOT be informed 
  • Monica French LOL THATS my fear .... I'll be marked as rebellious!! Lol
  • Barbara Denise Broxton Smith YOU !!! ??? Rebellious ??? NEVER 
  • Monica French Lol your not helping me lol
  • Barbara Denise Broxton Smith LOL...oh, were you posting this for "help" LOL
    Monica French Lol not exactly lol
  • Barbara Denise Broxton Smith good because my fishing pole is put away ....
  • Barbara Denise Broxton Smith Good night "angel"
  • Monica French  NITE!
  • Kathleen French Viar Omw ... Monica French this is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.
  • Cliff Parmer Shannon Parmer said we were low on hair bands. So as soon as you get that one back, let us know.... 
  • Dana French Dees You will now need to hang a sign around your neck, "warning, Monica is fixing hair" so others will not get near you and cause a near death experience
  • Ernie C Ray That goes to show you, you can't fix a pony tail, without getting hair in your mouth. Lol
  • Monica French Cliff Parmer I will buy her some! Lol
  • Pat Murphy Sager Sorry you did an ER run for nuttin. Funny (not funny funny) that u couldn't tell which pipe it went into. I'll bet they had a laugh at the ER. Guess that'll learn ya not to use your mouth for temporary storage, lol. Now that I know you i realize why you are always talking about Monie moments cuz you're a trip girl, lol. Our son was kinda like that, things were always happening to him.
  • Pat Murphy Sager Sorry for the unnecessary trip to ER but anything in your pulmonary area can be bad.
  • Marilyn Long Phillips Thank you for the entertainment this week! I hated to laugh in your demise, but you tell things really well!!
  • Patrica Rick Davis Get your butt to the Dr!
  • Patrica Rick Davis Now, I will laugh!
  • Candace Maxwell I still have an overall button that Tara swallowed when she was 1. IT's in her baby book. Hahaha.
  • Monica French They said the trauma to my esophagus was given me a discomfort that radiated all around that area so to think it was my lung wasn't unusual. Lol just so you all know.... Lol I'm still a little worried that they just couldn't see it.... Lol so if I leave this world because of a lung infection from a pony tail I inhaled ....no one will even be SERIOUS at my funeral lol I know you all would just stand around laughing! LOL WHO AM I KIDDEN!!?? I probably didn't need to inhale a pony tail for that to happen! Lol I'm getting tickled just thinking about it! Lol I sure don't want to miss it! LOL
  • Monica French And I really would like to present this pony tail to Cliff Parmer &Shannon Parmer for Pai's baby book. Lol you just never know .....  lol
  • Dorothy Stafford End of this chapter..Stay connected for the next episode. Could be any day. That's my girl, love you.
  • DeAnna Beecham Britt Girl you need a padded room to live in but I do declare you'd fined some way of getting in a pickle in that! Lol I just thought the shoe in the toilet was funny!!
  • Jackie French Erma Bombeck ain't got nothing on you!!! Just think, we got our own family comedian! ! ;-))
  • Monica French LOL... we have a family FULL of them actually! lol
  • Jackie French Yes, we really do...some being in our branch of the family!! Lol...
  • Debbie Weir Yes go to ER. You keep me in stitches.!!!
  • Monica French Debbie Weir Refer to post above.... you may need to read all of them... LOL It's a play by play that ended about midnight.  lol

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