Crazy follows me at the gas station!

God made me a brunet!

On a windy day I had to stop for gas..... of course after opening the tank, putting the gas nozzle in there.... then I see the c/c system is down and I have to go inside to pay....everyone was doing the same thing.... I get this taken care of, head back to the car on this horribly windy day..... make it to the van and the nozzle is already there, I simply start pumping.... after a few moments a gentleman comes and leans against the red van..... For a SPLIT SECOND I THOUGHT I was being hit on!! ROFL!!! LOL Only a SPLIT SECOND...while mentally preparing my speach to Rob on how the 50+ pounds must not have effected me too much... you know... beings I was getting this nice look'n man's I glance over into the van... IT IS CLEAN! This could only mean one thing....IT'S NOT MINE! OMword!
I am pumping some mans gas!! LOL
I began to give a dramtic explanation of WHY I am puming his gas... while still standing there trapped between HIM and the Gas hose! As I am describing the Red Dodge Grand Caravan that I drive that is JUST LIKE HIS, he stands smirking at me.... not helping me feel a bit better.....LOL.. he could have at least said SOMETHING!! LOL ..... I tried to lift my LONG skirt & my legs OVER the HOSE... WHILE explaning! LOL I now realize my back is too him while lifting my skirt and climbing over afraid to remove the hose.. don't want to spill his gas! LOL ....He is just smirking and watching me... the more silent that he is the more I try to explain it away! I make it around to the other side of the tank to where my vehicle is at.... only to discover that I am driving my Mom's WHITE NISSAN TODAY!!! Oh yes! After I had looked like an idot explaining my VAN JUST LIKE THIS and THAT IS WHY SIR...... I am NOT EVEN IN MY VAN!  So I am so mortified by this time that I jump in the car and try to take off and suddenly remember that the hose is still connected!!! LOL OH YES! It just kept getting worse! LOL I jumped out and he was shaking his head... I Said, "My husband said God was good to me when he made me a brunet! He gave me my own descise!" LOL He said, "Your husband may be on to some thing there!" LOL LOL LOL 

This call is not for you..... so I discovered

I am home now... went out to take Joshua to the church.... had to come back by the gas station... because I had used up the 50 miles my care will safely go on empty...hee, hee, Rob just hates that! LOL I am pumping gas, not really paying attention to my surroundings.... when, you know that intercom thingy that gas stations have out by the pumps? I hear, "Whats taking you so long?" A women's voice.... I said, "I just got here" with a puzzled look on my face.... :-/ to which she replied, "I can't hear you? What are you doing?" So I sheepishly looked around and said a little louder, "I am just standing here by the white car, but I didn't push the buzzer thing, is there a problem?" and she said, 'WHO THE ---- IS THIS?" I then looked around the corner to the window trying to see who was talking like this to me and why????  I am just a little mifed at this point! Someone is about to lose their job talking like that to a customer!!! lol At that moment a guy rounds the corner and hops in his truck, I hear him say "What are you talking about?" and shuts the door.... LOL Well.... I guess I was talking to HIS intercom thingy on his cell phone in his truck!!! I sure wish I could of heard the REST of the conversation she and he had as he left there!!! LOL That poor guy is probably still trying to convince her that there was no women in the truck! LOL

First gas station Monie Moment, 1988

You know... I actually had my first "Moni Moment" at a gas station in 1988! lol It was SOOOO Funny.... Rob and I had just gotten married.... His Mom was coming to Florida from Georgia where we were living at the time..... she wanted us to ride with her..... I was in the "Typical Pentecostal Attire" lol most times called "TP" dragging my tracks jean skirt, tennis shoes... I still can't believe I EVER did that... LOL ..... hair long and stringing in a slicked back pony tail! LOL I looked like some homeless I had been asleep in the car and never intended to get out ANY WHERE..... lol... but it was a GAS STATION pit stop you know? Rob went in first..... then after a few minutes I decided that I better go too.......... I walked in and the registers were all on the right hand side, in the center in front of them was a counter with tall fountain drink machines with access on both sides...... when I went in the door I could only see on one side of it..... I heard the ice falling so I thought I would 'scare' Rob as he was getting a drink.... so I tipy toed in my PTA up to the left side and eased around the corner...... I suddenly stepped forward and said "BOO"!!! lol, The lady at the register was watching.... There was no Rob... but I could hear the ice falling before I jumped around the corner so I just KNEW he was playing this game with me and had RAN around the other side.... SO.... I tippy toed back the other direction and JUMPED out again.... BOO!!! .... no Rob... just the lady looking at me from the register.... LOL I eased back to the back side away from where the registers were and out of the corner of my eye I see Rob coming out of the restroom.... at this point I knew it was just the ice FALLING and NO ROB was on the other side playing this "peek a boo" game with me! LOL LOL..... The lady had been watching me the whole time and from her point of view could see there was NO ONE on the other side! LOL I eased right back out the door to the car and never did go to the bathroom! LOL Rob just walked right by me and went to the car too! LOL LOL LOL I just wonder what they poor lady was thinking! ? LOL

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31.05 | 12:40

I absolutely LOVE you Monica!! So glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to catch up on what’s been going on. 💜 Hope to see you in TX in October. ~ Angie

16.02 | 04:07

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a laugh with us and maybe a few other 'moments' that I hope were encouraging!

10.01 | 23:29

I have heard of this page. Good things. I am glad I finally found it.

19.12 | 03:08

Your so funny!!! Miss you!!!