Gotta Grip the toes next time!

I know this is not going to make me look very cooth.... Or lady like.... I'm aware of that.... But it is what it is.... When I go to the restroom in a public place.... And that includes church..... I often throw my leg up and flush the toilet with my shoe/foot LOL well tonight I wore a pair of shoes that are a tad loos on me.... You know exactly where this is going lol I threw my foot up there and you guessed it... My red shoe landed IN THE TOILET! So much for not wanting to TOUCH THE TOILET!!!!!!I I stood there thinking...IS there like a 5 minute rule for THIS? LOL 'how much did I pay for these shoes?' 'do I really need them?' LOL ..... then I thought about walking around church barefooted..... and so I had to fish them out.... I had already contemplated long enough... they were taking on too much water! LOL .. Thank goodness for cheap plastic shoes.... Or at least no real leather or cloth..... I think I heard squishing noises the rest of the service! When that one foot would hit the floor I just knew water was going to squirt out!! Lol and I hope it didn't have a "smell" lol I sprayed my shoe with Scentsy room spray! Lol this was not a pleasant experience!

  • Amy Goodyear I flush that way too but if I'm in doubt or the flusher is too high I just use a wad of toilet paper to push it down...just a suggestion lol.
    Shari Pender I do the same thing. I don't want booty cooties.
    Pat Murphy Sager To much information, lol. That was counterproductive, now your hand is more contaminated than if you had flushed it the regular, lol.
    Donna Smith Norton I used to flush the same way until I thought about kids putting their hands on there to flush. After that I started using toilet paper wrapped around my hand to push the handle with then throw it in the toilet. Good for me and for the next person flushing the toilet....
  • Judy Cumbie Shiver Girl you are a hoot! Laughter is good medicine, honey you wonderful for the soul.
  • Monica French Pat Murphy Sager and I post this after Pastor says "please stop posting on FB your every move..... No one cares when you go to the bathroom!" LOL
  • Pat Murphy Sager Yeah, didn't think of that, lol. Like I said, too much information, lol.
    Monica French I had to edit the post a little... lol Rob just said.... "You do know you are a reflection of me right?" LOL Yep honey I do.... Come read it ... I think you will be proud! lol He read it.... then said... "I am married to a red neck women" LOL
  • Pat Murphy Sager I love a good laugh. A funny story: We met up with my childhood friend yesterday in Ocean Springs and she was telling about a bad wreck she had some years ago. She was transported to the hosp in an ambulance by some guys, not paramedics. She lay there while they tried to get some vitals and she heard one say "I can't get her blood pressure", then they couldn't get it on her ankle either. She said she was lying there thinking and then both of us said at once "am I dead???" Then we all cracked up because we both said it at once.
  • Pat Murphy Sager Isn't that special...we're all learning about each other's toilet habits, lol.
  • Melissa Messer After all these years, you still manage to crack me up.
  • Monica French We had some 'good crack up days' wish I could remember some of THEM stories!~ LOL
  • Melissa Messer LOL I KNOW I remember some.
  • Edward McHenry Sr. Yeah sister, years ago someone stuffed brown paper towels in the toilet and they were all coming to me. I had to reach in and pull it out. I guess everyone else was too dainty! But there were no shoes under that pile thank Jesus! Keep us laughing sister. Squish squish! Plop plop! LOL!
  • Angie Little Monica French with the luck you have maybe you should keep a pair of latex gloves in your purse at all times LOL
  • Monica French LOL! That's just gross lol
  • Edward McHenry Sr. I used a trash bag. Inverted it, grabbed it and pulled it inside but I was throwing it away, not recycling it! Lol
  • Edward McHenry Sr. If there's consolation, a HS student did an experiment and found that ice machines in restaurants have more harmful bacteria than water taken from toilets! LOL.
    Monica French LOL.. I feel so much better lol
  • Angelean Dozier Carry. A rubber gloves in urpurse an carry an extra pair of shoes just in case! Needless to say by the end of the month you will have 13 single shoes that you can mix match!! As they say break a leg or flip a shoe ! Whichever one works for you! Love ur stories! From a Oklahoma redneck!!
  • Monica French If I packed with me all the things that my past experiences would leave me to believe I MIGHT NEED.... I would have to hook up a trailer to have with me at all times. And actually.... Rob calls me the BAG lady! LOL Because I DO feel compelled to take tons of things with me every where I go.... just never know what I may need! LOL
  • Angelean Dozier U never know where you steps may lead you and the shoefly may come out !!
  • Edward McHenry Sr. And watch out for "circle" flies.
  • Dorothy Stafford Bless your heart. You never know what you will do next
  • Lisa Hempel now that's funny rite thar!
  • Pam Epps Funny, I do the same thing but maybe not any more. Lol
  • Gail Godwin Ewing · 16 mutual friends
    You are too funny.
  • Angela Price I do the same thing unless I'm wearing flip
  • Kathy Haywood Works You are so funny girl!!! You made my morning lol. Angie said you was funny. Really I can under stand why you flush the toilet that way. Don't ever change you keep a smile on everyone face. Also keep another pair of shoes in your car then you will have back up.
  • Debbie Weir Monie, you crack me up. Thanks for making my morning !
  • Kathy Davidson Hillman I do the same thing Monica French...I'll try to remember to hold tight with my toes!!! Lol
  • Angelean Dozier yep all toe squenchers still have thier dry shoes !! :0)) squench then fling !!
  • Sherrell Ward I laugh until I was in tears . Thanks I needed that.
  • DeAnna Beecham Britt I laughed till I cried!! 
  • Monica French Thanks DeAnna! Lol thanks so much lol I liked them shoes.... Enough to dig me out lol
  • Sheila D Miller I'm barefoot!

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I absolutely LOVE you Monica!! So glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to catch up on what’s been going on. 💜 Hope to see you in TX in October. ~ Angie

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Thanks for stopping by and sharing a laugh with us and maybe a few other 'moments' that I hope were encouraging!

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I have heard of this page. Good things. I am glad I finally found it.

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Your so funny!!! Miss you!!!