Let me hear from you here.
I love to hear how 'Monie Moments" have brought laughter to others! That is why I share some of my most embarrassing moments with you! I was recently in a local store..... in the 'fire alarm' isle..... I struck up a conversation and just had to share with them my "Fire Alarm" story.... When I was through there were two other couples that had gathered around.... and I gave the dramatic details right there in the isle..... afterwards.... the couple I had began with.... thanked me for taking the time to share.... then they began to share with me..... they had been through a very difficult time with some serious medical issues and many other things that had sucked the joy out of their life.... I then was able to share with them where the REAL source of JOY comes from in my life! I would love to hear from you if you have found laughter from my page.... or may be been able to share with someone who needed to laugh today!
Written by Wanda carroll on Oct. 6, 2015
Love you Monica you truly are a inspiration,

Written by kathy works on Jul. 18, 2014
Your such a blessing hon!!! Like I said before you have miss your calling. You are so hilarious.. You could be stand up comic and keep the people attention. Love your site. Keep it up!!! Your a blessing to everyone don't let anyone tell you diffent.

Written by Angelean Dozier on Jan. 19, 2013
LOL lol lol I cannot stop laughing @ YOU .. your are hilarious...I knew we were kindred sisters !! I have had so many moments such as yours but yours seem way more funnier !! lol love this hope you keep it up !! so enjoyed them Monica ! I hope we can meet one day !


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31.05 | 12:40

I absolutely LOVE you Monica!! So glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to catch up on what’s been going on. 💜 Hope to see you in TX in October. ~ Angie

16.02 | 04:07

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a laugh with us and maybe a few other 'moments' that I hope were encouraging!

10.01 | 23:29

I have heard of this page. Good things. I am glad I finally found it.

19.12 | 03:08

Your so funny!!! Miss you!!!