Stage Mom!

Stage Mom!

Kelton was ask to sing for the Habitat for Humanity.... he was to sing at one of the large auditoriums at Milton High School..... He had to be there very early so I came a couple of hours later..... I always followed him around with my kit full of CD's and two large easelswith 11x14 photos of Kelton sitting on them.... several black and white 5X7's for him to sign for those who wanted one. A black table cloth spread over a large table, with about 20 cd's all fanned across just so..... LOOKED GOOD! When I get through with his table your looking for his bus! LOL ROFL!! My table folds in half so I can carry it with one hand, and the other hand I have the kit with all of these things in it.

I get to the door.... there are WAY MORE people than I had expected! They are all dressed up... I am talking the suits with matching shoes and hats! Dressed to the nines!! They were all standing around and talking... must have been 300 people stacked in that place! IMPRESSED! Kelton is going to tear it up and entertain ALL OF THESE folks and we are going to sell them some CD's and photos!! ;-) I am excited! ;-) 

I push my way through the crowd and finally decide on a place to the side... I just ain't going no further ....... off to the right I set up my table facing the crowd...... spread the table cloth... put up his 11X14's.... all of the extra's and CD's are looking good!

NOW..... I still have not seen ANY ONE that I know! And I am thinking Kelton is WAY under dressed in his Jeans with holes and cowboy hat! Matter of fact... I can't imagine THESE folks having HIM sing here at ALL! I leave the table... began working my way through crowd..... I am about center of the room.... maybe 10 foot from the front... when I look up and see a white casket!!!! YES! A CASKET!!! I have crashed a WAKE!!! Oh MY!!!! What do I do NOW????? I CAN NOT GO BACK TO THAT TABLE!!! LOL But you ALL KNOW I aint leaving Kelton's CD's and Photos!! LOL

So.... I make my way back while praying "Lord, please do not let any one pay me any attention!" LOL I gathered his things as quickly as possible.... shuffled my way out of the building and looked across the way.... yes, that must be it.... the building with the 20 people... yep... that is where Kelton is. :-) lol A lady that had taught at the school for 36 years had passed away and requested her wake be there at the school gym..... I check... and double check BEFORE I set up now. :-) Just a note... IF your going to have a WAKE in a strange place... make sure you put a BIG sign on the door... "WAKE HERE" Just in case I have an appointment nearby! THANKS! ;-)

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31.05 | 12:40

I absolutely LOVE you Monica!! So glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to catch up on what’s been going on. 💜 Hope to see you in TX in October. ~ Angie

16.02 | 04:07

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a laugh with us and maybe a few other 'moments' that I hope were encouraging!

10.01 | 23:29

I have heard of this page. Good things. I am glad I finally found it.

19.12 | 03:08

Your so funny!!! Miss you!!!