Fun Fundraising!!!!

Looking for a unique fundraiser idea or your group or community organization? Read on to learn more about my Scentsy Fundraising Opportunity and how you can host a no cost Scentsy Fundraiser for your team, group or charity.

Your group can choose to raise funds with Scentsy's New Custom Gifts program or our regular Scentsy Catalog, or our new Scent Circle, ONE PRODUCT fundraiser!

Scentsy Custom Gifts are customized Scentsy Warmers with your team, group or company logo. Learn more about Scentsy Custom Gifts. The Scentsy catalog and/or online fundraiser is a fun, flexible and profitable fundraiser solution for your group. I've helped groups, schools and individuals earn money and I'd love to help you, too! 

Why Choose a Scentsy Fundraiser?
No Cost to You- I supply all of the brochures, order forms and envelopes to you for free.
Earn 20-25%- I will personally donate my commission from your sales, usually 20-25%.
Quality Items- Scentsy Products are high-quality and desirable.
Partnership- Feel good about partnering with a consultant who cares about the community.
How to get started:
• Contact the group or team you’d like to raise money for.
• Set a fundraising goal together.
• Contact me and I will guide and support you and your organization through every step of the process. I’ll even provide you with the latest Scentsy Catalog, Order Forms and Fundraising Envelopes at no cost to you. If I am not in your area then I will find you a consultant from my team to help you or we can host an online Scentsy fundraiser.

Participant Rewards:
I will personally donate my commission from the sales collected to your organization. This amount is usually between 20-25% of the total sales received.

Example of what your group can earn with 20% donation is posted below.

Fundraising Types:

Open House/Event Scentsy Fundraiser- I'll set up a Scentsy booth for you at your groups special event or fair. I will collect orders and payments for you during and after the event. If I am not available on the date of the event then I will recruit a few of your members to work the booth. I will provide product training beforehand.

Catalog Scentsy Fundraiser- This is much like the typical fundraiser. Your group members will each receive a packet with a catalog, order forms and instructions and share them with friends, family and neighbors. After 2-3 weeks we will close out the fundraiser and all money will be due at that time.

Online/Facebook Scentsy Fundraiser- This type of fundraiser is great when you have family and friends all over that want to help your cause. It can be used alone or in addition to the other Scentsy fundraising types. For a Facebook Scentsy Fundraiser, I will set the event up through Facebook and you can invite friends. They will be directed to my website to place their orders and their orders will be shipped directly to them. For friends that are not on Facebook, we will send out emails with all of the fundraising information.

Scent Circle Fundraiser: This fund raiser is great for the youth. It is a ONE product fund raiser.... they sell a 6 pack of Scent Circles for $20 and make 35%! $7.00 per pack. 10 people sell 10 you have made $700.00!!!  If your group sells over $2,000 you can make more per pack! 

I will order the products, receive them, sort/label and package them for each individual customer. All you need to do is deliver the order!


850-324-5065 Monica, call any time!


Scent Circle Fundraiser.

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