Deer, Can't Bear it!

Grin and BEAR IT!

A trip to Panama City Beach Fl on business..... can it really get any worse... LOL The best thing about it has been our condo.... now it is VERY nice and cozy.... But on my way in on Monday evening, just a couple of miles from my destination, Out of the corner of my eye to the right there is a deer prancing around trying to decide whether he wanted to cross the hwy ...... I am trying to get on by when he heads my way, I jerk to the left a little and he slams into the right hand side right between the two doors and blood was splattered down the side of the car.... but only a small dent about 4 x 5 ..... I was just thankful that it was not caved in something as awful as it sounded..... deer keeps running and is gone! Then I realize the that ice cream blizzard that I told Rob I wasn't getting.... it is ALL OVER THE SEAT AND FLOOR BOARD.... I can't hide it... I am caught! LOL I will come up with some kind of an explanation for that ... I have two miles to come up with something... LOL

I had business to attend to on Tuesday evening and then back to the condo to relax in this jet tub... lol this country girl has never been in one of them things! It was INCREDIBLE!!!! We were gathered around recording the bubbling water on our cell phones... lol no kidding... lol I could post it for you? lol with out occupancy I didn't want to get out... and now I do not like my tub at home any more at all! lol

I sit out on the back balcony with a cup of coffee each morning... and I do not like my porch at home any more either... just say'n...
I climbed into the awesome bed... full of pillows... plush as can be.... yeah, our bed at home needs some work.... Rob said he shouldn't have brought me here... lol I am putting a jet tub in the living room.... I can't think of any where else it will fit.. LOL The couch is even awesome.... my feet at home have no where to go.... every where you sit there is a recliner that just 'pops out' for your feet... all you have to do is say 'feet need propped' and there it is! LOL Well... a little exaggerated... but you know what I am say'n... lol There are guards at the gate.... They know me, hee hee, they act like they do any way... lol They just wave me on in like I belong here... hee hee... Rob said... "Don't get use to this girl!" LOL Too late...

Today.... I had to go back to Wewahichka FL...not an auto correct, that is an actual town, or community, lol, that is about an hour and 20min from the condo.... every thing goes as planned... until..... I am heading back and out of the corner of my eye to the left..... (yeah, you heard that in the first part of this story.... but it was the RIGHT, this one is the LEFT) What ever it is is HUGE and BLACK and RIGHT ON ME!!!! AT THE DRIVERS SIDE.... And it is too late to do anything... He SLAMS into the left side at the front tire area.... and then ALL DOWN THE LEFT SIDE!!!!! IT'S A BEAR!!!!!!!!! YES!!! A BEAR!!!! I look back and he is ROLLING around .... flip flopping every where!!!!! I turn around and try to get back to take pictures of him and he RUNS OFF INTO THE WOODS!!!!! I sit and waited.... I wanted a PICTURE!!! My car PIECES are all over the road... I get out... a little afraid of the BEARS.... but I WANTED MY CAR PIECES!!!! I am about to go after the BIG one... and a car... comes along and RUNS OVER IT!!! What???? Did they not SEE The HUGE FENDER from above my tire!!! It pops right into!!! I was so aggravated!!!! But now it will fit in the front seat... LOL So I started picking up car parts while bear watching! LOL And camera ready at the same time.... and then realized I should be watching for cars.... lol I picked up my pieces and Rob told me I couldn't wait on the bear... lol He just doesn't understand... I was needing a picture for my story... LOL I left... with my car parts pilled high in the front seat with me... lol

On the way back I called Gico..... I told that lady I needed to know what to do... I have left the scene of an accident.... and she stops me right there... and says... "NO... you need to go back to the scene first of all.".. I said "but it is way out in the country down a lonely road and the bear just ran off... LOL she said, "The who ran off, did you hit someone or did they hit you?" I said "He hit ME!!!, I didn't even see him coming and he just hit me and ran" LOL She said, "So he ran from the scene before you ran" LOL I said, NO.... I left the area because the BEAR ran off!!!!" She said... "WAIT!!!!, Who is the BEAR??? Are you referring to a man or an actual BEAR?" LOL I said... "WHAT DO YOU THINK???? A BEAR!!!!" LOL She started chuckling... and said... "OH... I SEE.... A REAL BEAR!!!" LOL LOL LOL Uh, YEAH!!! A REAL BEAR!! LOL I told her "I tried to get pictures but he just up and ran off before my stupid camera was ready!" I said... "Do I need pictures of him to prove it or is his black hair in the tire going to be enough?" "The black hair and the damage he has done will be enough... you do not need to go back there!" lol I then said... "Um.... can I tell you about the deer that hit me night before last too?" lol She said, "Really??" I said... "Yes, I didn't think he had done any damage but we just found the dent today" She wanted to know if I got picture of the deer... "well.. .No, ran off too" lol But there was BLOOD and a DENT! So... I sure hope they fix it all" ......

I am now back at the condo.... I am not leaving... lol.... I am getting back in that tub... and I am going to get up in the morning and sit on that back porch and pretend all is perfect.... yep.... that is what I am going to do.... I am even going to have me another wine glass full of Pepsi... lol yep... I am.



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31.05 | 12:40

I absolutely LOVE you Monica!! So glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to catch up on what’s been going on. 💜 Hope to see you in TX in October. ~ Angie

16.02 | 04:07

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a laugh with us and maybe a few other 'moments' that I hope were encouraging!

10.01 | 23:29

I have heard of this page. Good things. I am glad I finally found it.

19.12 | 03:08

Your so funny!!! Miss you!!!