Tru Story of Hope and contentment

I had dreams like any young girl of what I would be when I grew up. Of course becoming a wife and mother, but then there were the questions of 'what or who' I would be..... I was an only child and sent to the best of schools.... but our dreams can be interrupted by life.... and in the beginning of the 8th grade I became very ill..... my body succumbed to GBS (Gillian Berra Syndrome) for the next year I remained parilized and whether I would walk, talk, feed myself again, was doubted.... but in time I was blessed with a miracle.... I learned to walk, talk and function again..... but not enough to return to school, my focus and fatigue, headaches, weaknesses.... many symptoms that remained with me prevented me from advancing in my education as I would have desired to do. I stayed close to home and gained strength, was involved in my home church and there I met "the pastor's son" ;-) We became best friends, he would stand close by me so that I didn't have to use a walker... I was too young and cool for that.... LOL He would say, "I will stand close by and if you feel your legs buckling you grab onto my arm ok?" ;-) Wasn't that the sweetest thing? LOL WE became closer.... and in 1988 we were married.... only 18 years old and MARRIED! Still can't believe they even let us! LOL But I married my best friend.... and he is still that protector and friend today, 27 years later!
Every young married couple wants to pursue their dreams and income is important for that........ so I would search out ways to earn a little so that I was contributing.... but my fatigue was my biggest struggle.... it prevented me from working a 9 - 5 job..... someone came and showed us a vacuum system that I fell in love with! I just had to share it!!!! I found that I enjoyed sharing it with others and I could do so and no one was going to fire me if I didn't show up for work... :-)
During this time a friend placed Zig Zigglar cassette tapes in my hand..... I wore them out!!! He said a couple things that stuck with me..... first one was, "Self education will make you a living, formal education will make you a fortune" Then he said, "If you help enough people meet the needs in their life, every need in yours will be met" Both of these statements spoke to me..... I carried them with me ..... I craved those things that would be considered 'self education' there was Brian Tracey, Zig Giggler, John C Maxwell, Jim Rhone, and so many others that I would listen to over and over and over again.....there was a lady named Nona Freeman, I also loved to listen to her as she taught me how to pray, taught me about Faith, that God would always be my dearest and closest friend.
I advanced with the company and was SELF EMPLOYED, owning several small store fronts and had several who worked for me over the next few years! ;-) Even then I was product driven, I just loved it and wanted others to see what it would do! I sold over 30 machines a month, 3 months in a row to have the ability to open my own office.
My health usually held me back some.... I was up and running, doing great and then I would be down for a few months, then back up again.... but this was ok with me... at least I had recovered to the degree I was able to marry and have three awesome boys and work in direct sales which I had found I loved........... this was something so many with GBS would never be able to do. I was blessed!
My husband was a welder in our small town outside of Pensacola Fl.... he loved what he did.... but the company decided to move their plant to Mexico.... and I became sick.... GBS can be brought back on by stress, 33% they say relapse.... I was one of the 33%...... we had just purchased our first "Brick home" :-) I called it that because we had lived in a Mobile home before that.... a new one, but still a Mobile Home.... My Brick home was a dream come true and the next step for our family to fulfill the dreams we all have for our children and their future..... we had lived in our home for about a year when my husband suddenly lost his job and I was bed ridden .... I had a guy helping us out with the business and gave him a lot more room to grow with us by handing over responsibilities that would keep the office going while I recovered..... instead he stole over $30,000 from us and went to prison for other situations that customers of ours prosecuted him for. This made me even sicker! I wanted to hep him change his live... but I learned you can't want it for someone else worse than they desire change for themselves!
I wasn't recovering as quickly as I had hoped and we really didn't know what the future for my health would hold..... we knew that we must let the home go, the extra vehicles and any thing else that we could do without.....
My parents owned a small mobile home that was falling apart..... it had been hit by two hurricanes and needed to be torn down. We said, "Wait!! It can be a roof over our head until we can get back on our feet" I would move in there next door to my parents so she could continue to help me with recovering and help with our boys. My husband worked temp jobs while going back to school and searching for steady income.
We moved most of our things into a shed, the mobile home wouldn't hold 'real' furniture.... so we used futon's for beds.... my youngest was 7 at the time.... he would sleep in the living room..... Our oldest, we would close in a shed on the property and make him a space ..... he was older and it was much tougher on him than the younger boys...... we thought surly we would only be there a few months.... months turned into a year, a year into years.......
Our experiences while in that trailer the first 3 years were most difficult..... most difficult because I was fighting to get out.... I didn't like where I was and I didn't understand how or why we had ended up there.....I prayed for God to rescue me... rescue US from this PLACE we didn't' belong!!!!
God did rescue me..... but not as I had planed..... You know, we often make God's plans up ahead of time for him.... we have him a list all made out and we say, "Ok God, here is the to do list, snap to it! Get it done so I can praise you for it!!" :-) But His plans are not always like our plans..... He rescued me, he rescued me with Laughter! :-) He gave me an abundance of joy right where I was. Things would happen that were just hilarious...... One day I fell through the kitchen floor .... literally fell through the floor! lol From the 'fall through the floor' it led to a moment where we laughed till we cried..... I began writing my "Moments" of laughter down and they were coined, "Monie Moments" You can read about them at and there you can read "Chinese Buffett" That story followed my fall through the floor. It always seemed that when there was a devastating moment it was followed by a moment that brought laughter and lifted the stress. I was rescued by LAUGHTER!! :-) It preserved my very being..... soothed my stress, and got me through!
One day, my husband came home said, "Monica, I believe until you become content in this trailer, you are not leaving it"
CONTENT?? HERE?? REALLY?? I was not happy to hear that.... and didn't see how it could even be possible.....
The trailer sit in the yard in a way that when the moon would be going down it cast a shadow across the yard that placed a complete and total darkness that you couldn't see past..... I walked across the yard about 3 nights after my husband had shared the idea of contentment with me ;-) as I walked in that total darkness I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, I couldn't see if there was a hole in the ground, but I walked with complete confidence..... a strong steady pace as I walked...... I felt the Spirit speak to me, "Monica, I am trying to teach you to walk in the Spirit as you are walking in the flesh" I don't even recall my purpose for being out in the dark, I just remember falling to my knees in the darkness and tears streaming down my face as I realized that I had to let go and give my every thing to God...... I had to allow Him to direct my every word, every step. I made a decision that night .... a decision that changed my life... I let him began to guide me, direct the path.
I use to drive up to that trailer that was falling apart and wonder why I was there..... now I would drive up to this trailer and I would began to feel so wealthy..... You see, I had friends who were living in big beautiful homes, driving the finest of cars, but their marriages were falling apart, their children were giving them troubles..... here we were in this delapedated mobile home, and I felt the riches that were mine, I was looking in the eyes of the man who loved me still, the boys God had blessed me with who had a desire to be near their family and never gave us any troubles.... I was so abundantly wealthy!
I was brought to this place for a reason.... I had to let go of chasing a dollar, I had to let go of trying to design and direct my life.... there was a plan God had that I couldn't any longer interrupt.
My health was still not good.... I had gained more weight and my blood pressure was staying way too high.... sugar was spiking and I was more fatigued than ever.
Rob finally found a job about an hour and 15 minutes from home..... I wanted to do something from home so I joined Scentsy..... I loved the products and found that the extra income could be helpful. I was just too sick to really pursue much.
I seen a friend posting on Facebook about some supplements she was taking.... they were improving health for many and I could certainly use lots of improvement! I messaged her that I would give it a try..... on the first day I had mental clarity that I had not experienced since my first onset of GBS 30 years before!! I thought it couldn't happen twice! lol But it did!!! I once again was clear minded and focused..... alert and that was enough for me to find a way to get these supplements!
Now I knew that this was tied to NetWork Marketing, and I didn't care for NWM.....MLM.... I always seen the guys driving the best of cars, living in mansions while 95% were struggling as he dangled the carrot making them believe that if they continued to do this that one day they too could drive the finer cars and live in the big mansions..... but rarely did I see any in between and rarely did anyone I knew actually make it to that place.... I didn't ever want to be that guy any time I had become involved in MLM or NWM.... I would back off when things got to the point that I couldn't duplicate myself..... You see, not any of us can duplicate ourselves.... our personalities are our own.... we can't teach anyone to be US..... BUT..... You CAN duplicate a simple system.... and that is what I felt directed to share with many... I was given something that was able to help others, it has helped that 95% who say, I can't be you, I can't sell anything...... BUT THEY CAN duplicate a simple few steps.
I didn't really have a thought process on how I would make this happen, I just simply sit down to Facebook and said "I can't believe the mental clarity and focus, and it's just two capsules twice a day" 10 people posted "WHAT IS IT?" "I WANT IT" "WHERE CAN I GET IT" etc...... I responded to each in a private message and said "It's just two capsules twice a day, I can take your email and invoice you for a sample pack that is just $25." each of them sent their email, I invoiced them and they paid! I had NOT ENROLLED YET! LOL
I took THIER money and enrolled!!!!
By the time this order came in I had sold 28 more!!! I knew I had to put these people in a group or something so we could keep up with progress and I could answer their questions somehow. So I made a group and called it Tru Losers...... ;-) Had I known we would be almost 50,000 strong today, I would have called us "Tru WINNERS" ;-) LOL But..... we are stuck with "Tru Losers" :-) The group began growing with excitement as many had now found something simple that was lowering their blood pressure, their super levels were greatly improving and people were dropping inches and pounds, their before and after photos were seemingly their best scale... showing dramatic differences in 30 days time!!!!
As they would ask me questions I would find the answer and in time had developed a system that anyone could use to share within social media..... the specifics were just coming to me ..... no effort ... it was just there..... and in time I began seeing people who had no desire to share anything through Network Marketing or direct sales, they began having great success...... I had been able to give them a system that fit them.... that enabled them to share with those they cared about and never did they feel they were selling anything...... this was phenomenal!!!! I immediately began to advance in the company, ranking up to the next level each month.... reaching ranks that the company felt would take 2 to 3 years to achieve.... I was there within 6 months!
I never one time presented as a way to make money... you see, I didn't need to chase a dollar any more...... I had truly become content, "where I was" I was honestly concerned with the health and wellbeing of those I was sharing with.... I was product driven!!!!
I looked back and life and changed dramatically ........ my weight was down by 57 pounds in just a matter of months, my blood pressure was down from 289/198 in May of 2014, to normal with no medications needed to hold it steady..... my sugar was no longer spiking and I had no need for the meds the doctor had prescribed..... my energy was good and I wanted those I knew and those they knew to know that there was something that was helping and it was a natural, healthy alternative to drugs.... it could change their life... I also wanted to share that there was something to get out of bed in the morning for.... there was something to be excited about.....
So many people we encounter every day dread waking up the next day...... they have to drag themselves out of the bed, they do not have anything they feel is worth living for.... they do not feel valued...... Direct Sales and Network Marketing has been over shadowed by being Money driven....... but we miss the wealth in what we have when we overlook the blessing in sharing, the blessing in lifting up one another, the blessing in being there for someone who felt they had no value and nothing to live for......
We often hear it said that just $200 can change someones life..... it can be the difference in bankrupt or not...... it can be the difference in good groceries or settling for so much less. In direct sales we have the ability to place this blessing into the hands of people that other wise wouldn't have an opportunity to improve their life financially, but in turn they find they have improved their life in so many more ways than what a dollar ever will. Touch someones life in a way that has nothing to do with finances.... and the finances will follow, but regardless they are there to stay!
True contentment WHRE EVERY YOU ARE changes whether you go, or whether you stay..... We can GO PLACES in life, or we can stay stagnate and still..... unmoved and defeated...... all around you are these people who need what you have to share with them. What you have to share is an abundant life!
I travel sharing with others, not a network marketing opportunity, not an income presentation...... I travel sharing "hope" Help enough others meet the needs in their lives and ever need you have will be met!

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I absolutely LOVE you Monica!! So glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to catch up on what’s been going on. 💜 Hope to see you in TX in October. ~ Angie

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Thanks for stopping by and sharing a laugh with us and maybe a few other 'moments' that I hope were encouraging!

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I have heard of this page. Good things. I am glad I finally found it.

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Your so funny!!! Miss you!!!